Medical care for children

Therapy for infants

Rehabilitation programme “Podziņa” is suitable for children from 0 to 5 years old, who have been diagnosed with developmental disorders.

The rehabilitation centre "Poga" team includes physiotherapists specialising in work with infants and children under the age of 5. The duration of the rehabilitation programme is determined by the specialists so that the load is appropriate to the child's abilities, providing the child with a feeling of comfort and avoiding overload.

Price: the price for one physiotherapy session within the early rehabilitation treatment course "Podziņa" is 45 euros.

The therapy within the "Podziņa" programme can be appointed by a paediatric neurologist at the rehabilitation centre "Poga".

* If the family does not have the means to pay for the sessions, it is possible to pay for them through donations by contacting the Foundation, 28808551.