Medical care for children

Alternative communication device TOBII

At the rehabilitation centre "Poga", the unique alternative communication device TOBII Dynavox The I-15 + is available with alternative and augmentative communication software Communicator 5 and Snap Core First. The TOBII device allows completely immobile people to communicate using only their pupils. The alternative communication equipment was purchased within the framework of the European Social Fund project.

The communication device allows immobile patients (speech disorders, movement disorders) with preserved cognitive functions to communicate using the pupils. The machine resembles a computer where the computer mouse is controlled with the pupils. In this way, a person with a functional disability can learn to express his or her thoughts, feelings, desires, communicate with his or her family and other members of society. It also includes a gaming package that allows small and grown-up patients to get to know the device and develop computer skills with just a glance. The functionality of the device and software allows a wide variety of alternative communication materials to be created for all patient groups that can use alternative communication. The possibilities of the Tobii are not limited to high technology, but also allow simple picture sets or visual aids to be created.

The Alternative Communication Programme at the "Poga" centre is implemented by the centre’s audiologist.